Sosialisasi Pencegahan Covid-19 Dengan Pembagian Masker, Perbaikan Peralatan Elektronik, Dan Kegiatan Bakti Sosial Di Masjid


  • Sholihul Abidin Universitas Putera Batam
  • Budi Universitas Medan Area


Community Service, Learning, Socialization


Socialization to the public about the importance of complying with the health protocols recommended by the Indonesian government by using masks and diligently washing hands after activities, as well as distributing masks to the public. Activities to help managers of mosques and prayer rooms carry out maintenance and cleanliness of the mosque and prayer room environment. Processing plastic bottle waste (Recycle) into flower pots that are shaped and decorated in such a way as to be attractive to look at. Which in the manufacturing process involves children in the surrounding environment to teach them to be able to process plastic bottle waste into appropriate items, as well as train their skills in the arts and also instill in each child to care about the surrounding environment.

Cleaning and rearranging the public facilities at Rw 07 Kampung Tua Teluk Mata Ikan, which in this activity involved all members of group 1 to clean the public facilities that had not been used for a long time since the pandemic. The purpose and objective of this activity is to provide students with basic knowledge about the scope of informatics that can be implemented as the foundation of the current digital era.